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About me:-

Welcome to Swasthya Info, all types of health information in Hindi,

Hello friends my name is Krishna Maurya. I have passed intermediate examination and I am 20 years old I live in Azamgarh city of Uttar Pradesh state of India I started blogging from 2018 after that I started studying and then I started vlogging again and I wish you health I share all types of information related to Hindi in Hindi because everyone should get the information in Hindi and everyone should understand all the information related to health easily and maintain their health well. Those who want to get information related to health can follow our website step by step.

I started Swasthya Info in July 2020. I share health related information in Hindi on this website.

The goal of creating Swasthya Info:-

It is my goal to make this website that everyone should get information about the best health in Hindi and in simple language. And everyone can take care of their health by sitting at home.

If you have any question and you want to know its answer, then you can ask by commenting on our website, can you contact us on this email ID.

Email ID:- krishnamaurya812@gmail.com

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